Le Petit Chef Experience
20 July, 2018

Le Petit Chef Experience

3D 裸眼“小厨师奇遇记”晚餐

“小厨师奇遇记”是一款极富创意的用餐概念,结合了尖端的视觉投影技术和完整的故事陈述,让宾客们目不转睛的沉浸在3D裸眼影像投射的餐桌和餐盘上。故事讲述了一个动画版的小厨师通过投影仪置身于宾客的盘子中,并为宾客们大显身手,“烹饪”出一道道美味佳肴。 宾客们在享受充满想象力和娱乐性的体验之余,还能让自己的感官融入其中,去享受精致美味,奇妙影像,悦耳音效和丰富香味。


Till to 19 March 2019

Le Petit Chef at Alila Anji is an innovative dining concept that combines cutting-edge visual mapping technology with effective storytelling, immersing diners in a 3D projected tale that plays out on the dining table and plate. The story of the small animated chef is projected onto diners’ plates where he proceeds to ‘cook’ their food in front of them, engaging all the senses. Diners are treated to a journey of tastes, sights, sounds and aromas in an experience that is hugely imaginative and entertaining.

Each 6-course Le Petit Chef experience at Alila Anji is priced at CNY 498 ++ per adult and CNY 398 ++ per child aged 12 and under. It is available for dinner and catered for up to 12 guests only.

Mark the dates and book your seats for this surprisingly different dining experience!

For reservations, please call +86 572 5103888

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